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Top projects from regional fairs go to the weeklong Canada-Wide Science Fair.

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Wiggle it, Just a Little Bit

Skylin Desjarlais and Deshawn McKay

Manitoba First Nations Science Fair, MB

Skylin and Deshawn recognized that the science and art of backyard composting is mostly forgotten today. With wiggling worms, soil, and canola seeds, they explored the role composting can play in enriching the soil – right in our own backyards.

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Rake Wrack Risk

Islay Graham

Bluewater, ON

Islay passion for volunteering with her local beach group The Plover Lovers led her to study an endangered shorebird called the Piping Plover. She discovered that Sauble Beach can help create an environment to prevent their extinction by not raking natural debris from the beach.

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Stop Being Bullied

Om Agarwal

South Fraser, BC

Concerned by bullying in school, Om developed a web application to assist with reporting bullying in schools. It allows for incident tracking and supports teachers in addressing situations and monitoring trends.

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Safer Chick-ments

Mac Dykeman

4-H Canada, BC

Growing up on a poultry farm, Mac saw a need for better options for containers used to ship day old chicks. When ordering chicks, she saw that they would often arrive cold, underweight or injured. So, she addressed the problem by designing a new shipping container for chicks that would improve shipping conditions by lowing injury and mortality rates.

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“As a Grade 13 student, I participated in the City Science Fair in Toronto and then went on to represent my region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. It was an experience that would ultimately define my life.”

Dr. Roberta Bondar
astronaut, neurologist, physician, educator, photographer

“Science fairs were a life-changing experience that really made me realize, if I set my mind to something, anything is possible. It was an exciting moment as a 15-year-old.”

Ann Makosinski
inventor, founder of Makotronics Enterprises Inc., global keynote speaker, aspiring writer

“My success as an award winning scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur can be directly traced back to my science fair days…these experiences fueled and shaped my intellectual curiosity.”

Christian Theriault
award-winning entrepreneur, high-tech expert, start-ups mentor

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