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You can help solve some of our biggest challenges through your STEM project


Get Started

This is your opportunity to think big, ask questions, and follow your passion! Follow these steps to turn your idea into a project that could change the world.


Initiate & Plan

Start with what you are passionate about and what you’re good at

This is the step where anything is possible. Dream big. Follow your passions. Ask questions. What do you want to explore?

Think about:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you good at?
  • What question are you trying to answer, or what problem are you trying to solve?
  • Who could benefit from your idea?
  • How can it make the world a better place?
  • What kinds of research do you need to do to answer some of your questions?
  • How will you identify relevant and trustworthy sources of information?
  • Who could support me in this project as a mentor?
  • Check out the Challenge topics for inspiration

Looking to spark an idea for a STEM project? Try the new idea generator: Spark!

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Perform & Record

Try out your idea and see what happens

Get messy and dive into your project! This is where you test your discovery or innovation plans.

Think about:

  • Is your idea safe and ethical?
  • How will you control the variables?
  • What materials will you use?
  • Is your testing plan supported by your background research?
  • What is your experiment or design process?
  • How will you design and test your solution or prototype?
  • How will you collect your data?
  • How many samples will you need to test?

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Analyze & Interpret

Think about what happened, and why

Now it’s time to look at your results. What happened and why?

Think about:

  • What are the most important results or findings of your project?
  • How does your prototype work?
  • What is the best way for you to display your results? Graphs? Charts? Diagrams?
  • How will you use your results to support your conclusion – what happened and why?
  • How would you explain your results to someone without a STEM background?
  • If you got results that were different than what you expected, that’s okay! Explain why.
  • Do you have enough data? Should you repeat your testing to get more?

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Exhibit & Experience

Share your STEM project story

This is when you tell your story, sharing what you learned and where you’ll go next!

Think about:

  • How can get people’s attention with your story? How will you draw people in?
  • What inspired you to do this project?
  • What were your key findings?
  • What did you learn from your experience?
  • Did you experience any issues? How did you overcome them?
  • How could you improve your project?
  • What are your next steps? Dream big!

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Safety & Ethics

Good STEM is safe and ethical. Before starting your project, check out these important tips.


Science Fairs

Share your project by participating in a science fair.


Find your local fair and learn how to participate!



Top projects from regional fairs go to the weeklong Canada-Wide Science Fair.

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Your STEM project could take you around the world!