Analyze & Interpret

Think about what happened, and why it happened

Now it’s time to look at your results.

You’ve done your experiment or tested your prototype. You’ve got lots of results and data, but what do they mean?

  • What do your results tell you?
  • How will you use your results to support your conclusion – what happened and why?
  • What is the best way for you to display your results? Graphs? Charts? Diagrams?
  • How would you explain your results to someone without a STEM background?
  • Do you have enough data to make a strong conclusion? Should you repeat your testing to get more?
  • If you got results that were different than what you expected, that’s okay! Explaining why you got ‘wrong’ data can be just as valuable as getting ‘correct’ data. This can also be a sign that you should go back and repeat your testing. Talk to your mentor or teacher.