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Relaxing in space | Canadian Space Agency

Aug 27, 2019 ... A normal week in space is designed to mimic the astronauts' routine ... of musical instruments: flutes, keyboard, saxophone, acoustic guitar ...
The Korean Popular Culture Reader on JSTOR

The "Korean Wave" of music, film, television, sports, and cuisine genera... ... the South Korean Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, ...
The Chitarra Battente in Calabria

So the music making of a folk player will embody the social customs ... Calabria consider it a native instrument, calling it simply the 'guitar', to.
Notes on Cai├žara Musical Production: Music as the Focus of Cultural ...

ally musical) of the fishermen of the coastal region who normally divide their work between part-time fishing and subsistence agriculture.
Country Brothers: Kinship and Chronotope in Brazilian Rural Public ...

Brazilian "country" music, both in its commercial (musica sertaneja) andfolkloric ... friend, the ten-string guitar (viola) player and cowboy Chico Mineiro-.
Open Ears

SOME GUITAR PLAYERS MAKE A POINT of listening to horn players and ... ture, movies, music, food, sport, or some other ripely significant aspect.
Music and Sustainability: An Ecological Viewpoint

The word "sustainable" has been doing some pretty heavy lifting lately.1 A Google text search reveals sustainable aligned with food, development, packaging, ...
Preaching the Blues: The Mississippi Delta of Muddy Waters

Their music came f plantation even as it provided a way out of the sharecroppers' field from the system of "furnish" and "settle"-food, ferdlizer, clothes,.
The Diesel Cowboy in New England: Source and Symbol of Dick ...

The song relates the dangers of trucking goods along the Haynes- ... try & Western music, moved me to adopt Curless's propulsive rhythm guitar style in.
Making Culture Coherent: Nomadism, "Open Agenda" and Music in ...

their musical practices, such strategy becomes evident both in the succession of ... being close to the river provided unlimited food and other resources.

AI-Generated Project Ideas

  1. Create a sustainable aquaponics system that uses fish waste as food for plants and vice versa to grow herbs and vegetables for use in your favorite guitar playing recipes.
  2. Explore the physics of sound waves and experiment with different materials to design and build a better guitar pick that improves the sound and feel of playing.
  3. Investigate the chemical makeup of various fertilizers and determine the best options for growing high-quality crops in agricultural settings while minimizing environmental impact.
  4. Develop a computer algorithm that analyzes music notes and suggests patterns for planting crops that align with various musical compositions and rhythms.