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Watching molecules 'dance' in real time | University of Cambridge

Aug 12, 2014 ... Many degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cystic fibrosis ... allowing the researchers to make videos of their progress.
Science Advances | AAAS

CRISPR-Cas9 screen reveals a role of purine synthesis for estrogen receptor α activity and tamoxifen resistance of breast cancer cells. By. Dina Hany; Vasiliki ...
In their own words: A narrative analysis of illness memoirs written by ...

Dec 1, 2021 ... As such, illness memoirs offer a way to advance our sociological understanding of cancer-as-a-lived experience. Author-Provided Video ...
Can Scientists Dance? | Science

Feb 15, 2008 ... The world's first Dance Your Ph.D. Contest, with Christoph Campregher ... studies the connection between inflammation and colorectal cancer.
CRISPR-enhanced engineering of therapy-sensitive cancer cells for ...

Lord of the Rings–quoting performance wins this year's 'Dance Your Ph.D.' contest ... Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Modeling of Cancer Diseases.
Watching the sentinels

Nov 30, 2020 ... We're investigating how dendritic cells recognize tumours, and then tell the immune-system's 'soldiers' to start destroying the cancer cells ...
TikTok's dancing chemist catalyses joy in students

Mar 10, 2023 ... Chemist André Isaacs produces fun-loving social-media videos to bond with his Gen Z students and build an inclusive community.
Science | AAAS

6 days ago ... Science/AAAS peer-reviewed journals deliver impactful research, daily news, expert commentary, and career resources.
Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19 | Nature

Jul 8, 2021 ... In severe COVID-19, lung cancer and interstitial lung disease, ... and new results; video recordings and supporting documents are shared ...
Gene therapy's new hope: A neuron-targeting virus is saving infant ...

Nov 1, 2017 ... In the past, efforts to treat neurological diseases with gene ... some AAVs can integrate their DNA into the genome and cause liver cancer.

AI-Generated Project Ideas

  1. Design a prosthetic limb using engineering principles to improve the quality of life for amputees.
  2. Investigate the effects of certain diseases and illnesses on the brain and develop strategies for preventative care and treatment.
  3. Create a cancer dance video to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and support services.
  4. Research and develop a new cancer treatment using a combination of engineering, genetics, and medical technologies.