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How fitness training, edge work helps skaters generate power on ice ...

Feb 3, 2020 ... For professional figure skaters and hockey players, there is much more ... This is part of Canadian Health and Wellness, a series in which ...
MIT Recreation launches new website | MIT News | Massachusetts ...

Feb 5, 2016 ... Health and wellness at MIT just got a little bit easier with the ... type (American Red Cross, aquatics, fitness, ice skating, and squash).
I think I sprained something. How long should I stay off it? - The ...

Oct 15, 2009 ... Canadian figure skater Anabelle Langlois returned to action last ... the clinic director of Shape Health & Wellness Centres in Toronto.
Body image and dieting behaviors among elite figure skaters ...

Dec 12, 1998 ... Paula J. Ziegler · Chor San Khoo. Nutrition and Health, Campbell's Center for Nutrition and Wellness, Campbell Soup Co., Camden, New Jersey.
How much hockey is too much? - The Globe and Mail

Sep 16, 2014 ... Kids who play multiple sports have fewer injuries and play at higher levels ... news and dietary advice, fitness tips and wellness trends.
Organizers whittle down vestiges of the Olympics - The Globe and Mail

Apr 6, 2010 ... Meanwhile, thousands of residents thronged the ice on which Canada ... function as a centre of excellence for sport, health and wellness.".
Skating champ credits vegan diet for good health - The Globe and Mail

Feb 8, 2012 ... The 26-year-old figure skater from Lively, Ont., who recently captured ... "I'm really into health and fitness and wellness, so this kind of ...
Figure Skating - Epidemiology of Injury in Olympic Sports - Wiley ...

Oct 7, 2009 ... Summary This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction Who Is Affected by Injury? Where Does Injury Occur? When Does Injury Occur?
Exercising in very cold weather could harm lungs over time ...

Jan 6, 2020 ... Health And Wellness ... 200106-cold-exercise-banner.jpg. Vigorous exercise in temperatures below -15 C makes it harder for your lungs to ...
Membertou's new $19M arena opens | CBC News

Sep 7, 2016 ... ... skaters and fitness enthusiasts: the long-planned and much-discussed Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre is officially open.

AI-Generated Project Ideas

  1. Investigate the impact of different training methods on athletic performance: Create a study comparing the effectiveness of different training methods (e.g., interval training vs. continuous training) on improving specific physical abilities such as strength, speed, or endurance.
  2. Develop a wearable device to optimize performance and prevent injuries in figure skating: Design a device (e.g., sensor-embedded clothing or smart insoles) that can measure and analyze the skater's movements, providing real-time feedback to optimize technique, prevent injuries, and improve overall performance on the ice.
  3. Analyze the effects of nutrition on athletes' performance and recovery: Conduct a study exploring the impact of specific diets or nutritional strategies (e.g., high-protein, low-carb) on the performance and recovery of athletes, with a focus on figure skaters. Assess parameters such as strength, endurance, flexibility, and injury recovery.
  4. Investigate the influence of different blade designs on figure skating performance: Compare the effects of various blade designs (e.g., blade profile, hollow, rocker) on the performance of figure skaters. Analyze parameters such as stability, maneuverability, speed, and jumps to understand how different blade features affect skaters' abilities.
  1. Design and develop a smart wearable fitness tracker that collects data such as heart rate, step count, calories burned, and sleep patterns specifically tailored for figure skaters to improve their performance and overall health.
  2. Investigate the effects of different exercise regimens on the strength and flexibility of figure skaters. Measure and compare the impact of strength training exercises, stretching routines, and aerobic conditioning programs on skaters' performance and injury prevention.
  3. Explore the physics behind figure skating jumps. Study the factors such as angular momentum, center of mass, and rotational inertia that play a role in executing jumps. Analyze different jumping techniques to understand their efficiency and stability.
  4. Develop a nutritional analysis tool for figure skaters to optimize their diet and ensure they are receiving the necessary nutrients for peak performance. Create a database of foods tailored to their specific requirements and provide recommendations for balancing macronutrients and micronutrients.