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John Doyle: If you like Nordic noir, watch Nobel – Peace at Any ...

Dec 14, 2016 ... It has also devoted resources to what it calls "slow-paced TV," which ... war or diplomatic manoeuvres to gain access to natural resources?
Directed Attention as a Common Resource for Executive ...

the natural environment intervention restores this shared resource. Keywords ... fairly common reactions to watching television (Kubey &.
Television and the Teaching of Art History

students watch play performances, vital to their understanding of their subjects ... technical resources of television in the presentation of art-historical ...
Television in the Art Museums

between the museum and television should be a natural conse- quence. ... on television, the viewers must see the paintings, and be given.
Advertising, Individual Consumption Levels, and the Natural ...

Oct 17, 2007 ... Older age populations are seen to require greater resources and thus ... These hours spent watching television has a large impact on ...
Toward an Eco-Cinema

continuity of spirit/soul, some filmmakers see the Art of cinema as ... resources, their very lives, to an Art that, as far as we can tell at this.
HOW TO WATCH TELEVISION?: Pedagogy and Paedocracy in ...

their audiences how to watch television, in the light of different models ... Beckett's plays for television and the BBC arts programmes under.
Film in Education?Thomas Edison to Protean People Robert W ...

the study of film art, theory, history, ... waste of our natural resources today, ... Samples of high school students, though watching much television,.

global audience receptions of film and television programming. ... Factor conditions?the labor force, natural resources, infrastructure, capi.
Television and the English Teacher

How can their by now "natural" habit be ... that most students watch television for entertain- ... The January EJ Resources issue will discuss these and.

AI-Generated Project Ideas

  1. Create an art installation using recycled materials that highlights the effects of human consumption on natural resources.
  2. Investigate the carbon footprint of various television models and compare their impact on the environment.
  3. Create an interactive game that teaches players about the benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources, with a focus on how they can be harnessed to benefit natural resources.
  4. Analyze the content of popular nature documentaries to determine how they influence public perception of environmental issues and sustainability.